Menus, Menus and MORE Menus

Over the course of the summer there has been an unusual amount of restaurants interested in menu printing. There have even been interests that have contacted us from across the country for menu samples.

There is quite a difference between take-out menus and seating menus.

Take-out menus can be printed on regular copy paper, while most seating menus require gloss coats, full color and a thicker quality of paper. Of course this all depends on the look that the restaurant is going for, but keep in mind customers are drawn to the layout and design of a menu.

For customers that were only in the beginning stages, our in-house designer came up with a menu for them. Using the company logo and various images each and every menu is given a unique design. (Our in-house designer is available for meetings and will gladly schedule an appointment to help each client). Keep in mind that your menu design should reflect the cuisine served.

These are only some of the restaurants that allowed us to print for them:
Bagels N Greens
Savour Cafe
Shawarma King
Sunflower Cafe

*On a side note, menu printing seems to always work in our favor. The owner or whomever places the order always gives us the courtesy of free delivery or specials for our printing services. We do enjoy being given the opportunity to participate in a restaurants endeavor.

Short-Run Comic Book Printing

Recently, we were given a special invitation job for a young mans Bar Mitzvah. The comic explains to all of his peers that receive the invitation, how the process goes along. This type of invitation was something new for us, and our designer had never seen the idea in print before.

Bazooka Joe Young and Archie comics were old-time favorites for previous generations. The comic is loosely based on this idea and it worked pretty well. The comic ends by asking the receiver to complete the comic by filling in their acceptance to the Bar Mitzvah.

Do not believe that this idea is only good for a Bar or Bot Mitzvah because it can be used in anything. The comic book invitation was a short-run job printed on newsprint and completed in 1 day. The entire staff got a kick out of reading the comic, and so we decided to blog the job in hopes of sharing the idea with others.

Here are some photos of the completed job:

The Poster Printers are capable of doing high quality jobs within a short turn around time. This is just one of the many interesting and creative jobs that we have had the privileged to print.

A Paperless World

Once upon a time, there lived a King and Queen named Ebook and Nook. They ruled all the land and believed in a paperless world. Ebook and Nook slowly took over lands beyond their kingdom and it looked as if paper would be forever extinct. It began with emails, text messages and AIM. Our society slowly turned away from paper and pen, in exchange for WiFi and high-speed.

Now if this were true, The Printing Factory would be in a bit of trouble. There has always been the impending doom of a paperless world. Banks are now offering online billing and asking customers to go green and paperless. This is not a bad idea, but we cannot forget the existence of eco-friendly and recycled paper. All of our paper is made from 10% post consumer waste, which is a green alternative for printing materials. There is also a type of soy-based ink that is offered for Earth conscious clients.

The danger of a paperless world has not reached burdened us yet, and there is doubt in that ever being true. As people become dependent on something it does become increasingly difficult to part ways. Ancient civilizations took hundreds of years before coming up with a way to write down their history. Now the average person sends about 2,000 text messages a month.

A Ban on Comic Sans!

It may seem totally irrelevant to most, but Comic Sans MS was a staple in the 90's. The type face was used to mimic the text used in comic books, and it has eventually become something of a joke. In 1990, a married couple decided to start a campaign to ban Comic Sans. They were not alone in their dislike for the font and quickly gained a following.

The maker of the typeface is a man named Vincent Connare. While working for Microsoft he designed the font and it took off. The relevance of this ban of Comic Sans to a print shop is in all the printing we have done with that type setting. Clients mix a high class design with Comic Sans typeface which spoils the look of the work all together. There are a plethora of fonts to choose from, but none have been as heavil discussed as Comic Sans. There is never a reason to talk about something unless it is important, and Americans have strong feelings about their font.

All in all The Printing Factory has no reservations. Everything that we print is without biased. A print design is personal, but no offense comic sans isn't popular.

check out the original story: Wall Street Journal "Ban on Comic Sans"

July Wholesale Printing*

For this month our email blast was comprised of an extensive list of WholeSale Printing prices. It seems using the word wholesale in a selling strategy does pay off and The Printing Factory welcomes the business. Instead of giving your printing job to the supplier that outsources. Visit The Printing Factory for wholesale prices and professional service.

WholeSale Prices are valid by mentioning this blog post.

Adobe Upgrades that Work for Us

Printers need assistance and Adobe came up with Creative Suite to make their lives a bit easier.

Creative Suite 5 is the recent addition to the Adobe editing family:

Content-aware fill is allows the user to select an area of a file to be removed and it is automatically filled in and blended.

Spot Healing Brush is perfect for photo retouching and it does speed up the time that editors spend on proofing files for print. (The Printing Factory MAC machines as well as PC's are all equipped with Adobe products). Our processing system condenses the amount of time clients make mistakes with artwork by reviewing the files before print. This not only saves us and the client's precious time, but also saves money on wasted paper.

InDesign another tool used by printers is also much smoother in viewing the image. Instead of having to span the entire file a few clicks can bring the user back to the original view. Layers and elements can now be grouped together which also saves time for the user and the client. Implementing new text and graphics into a file is also much smoother and simpler. The grid style design is easy to use and flexible compared to previous versions.

A larger review of the product can be found @

Printing Factory and the film Industry

Movie production is a long and grueling process, that is only as good as the people participating in it. Over the years movie production has been revolutionized, drawing attention to other businesses that offer help. Movie set backdrops and stage production used to be all in black and white. The scenery of the film was not as important as the emotions conveyed by the actors. Today, actors and directors travel all over the world in search of new heights to explore that will truly set the stage for their film. Countries like Moscow, London, Paris and New York are plagued with shutdown corridors and streets for movie filming.


New York:


Before the twentieth century these scenes couldn't have been recreated. Thanks to printing companies like the Printing Factory, this is now possible. Digital reproductions of different scenes can be put on materials that will give it a life-like feel. Stage production has gone even farther with green screen technology. Actors perform in front of a green screen and they are acting while being filmed. The actors must work as if they are actually in the setting that is going to be digitally inserted later.
The Printing Factory was recently given multiple jobs for backdrop work and stage reproduction. We are glad to provide printing services for companies large and small at affordable prices.